jeudi 29 décembre 2011

France Air NATO, finally in english!

NATO air power, shot in Chaumont Air Base, France, during a Tactical Weapons
Meet in the second half of the years  1960's. © NATO

After two years of a french-only existence, France-Air-OTAN, le blog welcomes his twin brother, France-Air-NATO, the blog, devoted to every people interested in NATO aviation history in France, covering 1950's and 60's, as well as current use of former air bases and their conversions. If you are USAF or RCAF veteran who served in France, spotter, or just a little nostalgic about this era, this blog is for you!

I will do my best to let you aware of veteran's reunions, books and articles releases, or just general news dealing with NATO, USAF, RCAF or FAF cold war history! To do so, you will be really helpful by sharing your informations with me, if you are organizing events such as reunion, in the USA, Canada, or France of course! I am also always interested in pictures (aircrafts, air bases general views, memorabilia...) Please use the "Contact" link in the right column! Moreover, do not hesitate to leave comments and reactions to my posts.

Just a little word about me : I was born and grew up in Lorraine, France, in the early 1980's. I currently live in Metz. Fond of aviation since my boyhood, I became really passionate for the cold war NATO airbases history in France. I published a book in 2008 (Les forces aériennes de l'OTAN en Lorraine), unfortunately quickly sold out, and have now several projects about this subject. My last work was an article published in this december 2011 issue of french magazine Air Fan .

Just a final point before closing this first post : thank you for your indulgence, as english is not my mother tongue. So, sorry for the mistakes! I hope you will enjoy this new version of my blog! 

                                                                                                 Regards from France! 
                                                                                                              Fabrice Loubette.

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  1. Fabrice,
    I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog. If there's anything I can do to help please ask.

  2. Fabrice, congratulations with the english section. I've found your site to be very informative, and adding english will certainly make it easier to read for many people. Well done!