dimanche 1 janvier 2012

Happy new year!!!

F-105 and F104 from differant NATO airforces lined up, ready to take off from
Chaumont AB runway during a Tactical Weapons Meet in the 1960's. 

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To every reader of this new version of my blog, I wish all the best for 2012 : have a very pleasant year full of hapiness, friends, good times and strong health!

From France-Air-NATO's point of view, this new year will sure be an interesting one, with already two reunions scheduled in France :
- the first one, from june 20th to 25th, will bring together USAF vets and alumni from Evreux Air Base (more to come soon)
- then from august 23rd  to 28th, former RCAF Marville 1 wingers will gather in France and Belgium. A Facebook page is already devoted to this event.

Prepare also your bookshelves for - at least - two forthcoming publications :
- a book in english devoted to canadian night and all-weather fighters will come out this january : Night Fighters: Stories from the Flyers of Canada’s All-Weather Fighter Force, Canada and Europe 1953 to 1984. Compiled by an all-weather committee headed by John Eggenberger, Bob Merrick, and Doug Munro, this new title focuses on CF-100 and CF-101 days.
- a study in french devoted to the former Coulommiers-Voisins NATO DOB will be published by the Anciens Aérodromes association. Release date to be specified soon.

Of course, this is only a sketch, more to come in the following weeks. To stay up to date with events, book launching or articles, come and visit regularly this blog! Do not hesitate to share informations with me if you plan an event or if you are aware of some news I would miss!

Once again, Happy New year to all of you, all the best for 2012!!

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  1. Let me be the first to wish you success with your blog. My father was stationed at Phalsbourg (58-60) and Toul-Rosiers (60-62). I was 13-16 during that time. Had a great time and just returned from a Jun 11 visit to PAB and TRAB. Would like to hear from anyone that was there during the same time period. Contact me at hollandbp@cox.net