lundi 29 juin 2015

Facing the East : become co-producer of my documentary!

From june 18th until august 17th will run my crowdfunding campaign which should allow - if completed - to start shooting my documentary project : Facing the East. The goal is to highlight the role stood by NATO pilots in Europe during the cold war, in the nuclear deterrence mission.

As I tell you in the video (check the link above), I need to hurry gathering memories and testimonies of these former pilots, who came once again in France and Germany in the early 50's to defend Europe against the Warsaw pact forces, and the risk of a potential WWIII.

The day following my crowdfunding campaign launch, the news told American writer and former USAF pilot James Salter had passed away.

This is why, to face the emergency, I ask for your financial support to start filming my documentary. Thanks to your help, these pilots' testimonies could be saved and shared. If it is of course too late to meet James Salter, many others former Sabre, Super Sabre Canberra or Voodoo pilots are still ready to testify, but will not be forever...telling us how it was to defend Europe in a nuclear strike role as part of NATO, facing the East...

Click the link below to discover my project, the money I need and how I have planned to use it to make my film. To back my project, just click on the big blue button "Back this project" :

The crowdfunding campaign duration being is limited, please, make sure to donate before august 17th. I count on your help! Do not hesitate to share with your friend as well!

If the total amount is not reached, do not worry, you will be completely refunded!

Thank you so much in advance for your support,

Best regards, 

Fabrice Loubette.

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